About Me

Hi, I'm Mohamed M. El-Kalioby, I'm the Chief Infra-structure Architect for Center of Informatics Sciences, Nile University

I'm also a research assistant at Bioinformatics group, Nile University , Cairo, Egypt From September 2008.

I'm doing my research in Bioinformatics  especially integerative bioinformatics domain. I'm doing my research under supervision of Dr. Mohamed Abouelhoda.

My Master is targeting the Software Engineering.

I'm the main contributor of PBS4java

I'm a contributor to gflot.

I'm a graduate from Systems and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo Univerisity 2008. 

I was an Instructor at SysNet Lab @ Faculty of Enginnering. I taught C#, Java, SQL Server 2000 and PC Interfacing.

I'm Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) from 2005 and Microsoft Certified Professinal (MCP) since 2003. 


Main Tasks in Nile University:

- Design and implementation computational requirements for the CIS.

- Design & Development of Nile University Bioinformatics Server  NUBIOS

- Design and Development of NUBIOS Datamart (will be avaliable soon).